BlueChoice HMO HSA/HRA
Mid / Large Group Benefit Summaries - Maryland

The following BlueFund and Compatible HSA & HRA Plans are BlueChoice HMO-based. Whether you choose an option as a BlueFund or Compatible plan, there is no difference in cost.

NOTE: BlueFund Plans integrate with our fund administrator. Compatible Plans do not integrate with a CareFirst fund administrator.

Employers can consult with a CareFirst account executive to explore other plan options that fit their organization's benefit needs.

HSA plans require a combined medical and Rx plan.

51+ BlueChoice HMO HSA/HRA (Combined Medical and Rx Deductible)

OptionsFeaturesMedical SummaryRx Summary
Option 4 Copay $10/20 $1,500 Ded. SUM4616 Integrated Rx Options
Option 5 NEW Copay $0/0 $2,000 Ded. SUM5760 Integrated Rx Options
Option 7 10% $1,500 Ded. SUM4612 Integrated Rx Options
Option 8 Copay $20/40 $1,500 Ded. SUM4613 Integrated Rx Options
Option 9 Copay $0/5 $2,500 Ded. SUM4614 Integrated Rx Options
Option 10 Copay $0/5 $1,500 Ded. SUM4615 Integrated Rx Options
Option 11 10% $2,000 Ded. SUM4618 Integrated Rx Options

All plans are fully insured. Please consult with your CareFirst sales representative for information about self-insured options.