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BlueChoice Plus
Small Group Off-SHOP - Virginia

Benefit summaries are now available for the health plans listed below. Please check the site frequently for summary updates.

Spanish benefit summaries are available upon request. Please contact your CareFirst sales representative for more information.

NOTE: Employers can consult with a CareFirst account executive to explore other plan options that fit their organization's benefit needs.

BlueChoice Plus

Plan NameRx PlanTypeIntegration StatusMedical Summary
BlueChoice Plus Gold 500 $10/$45/$65/50% to $100/50% to $150 Non-Integrated SUM5283
BlueChoice Plus Gold 1000 $10/$45/$65/50% to $100/50% to $150 HRA Non-Integrated SUM5284
BlueChoice Plus HSA/HRA Silver 1500 $15/$45/$65/50% to $100/50% to $150 HSA, HRA or HDHP Integrated SUM5286
BlueChoice Plus HSA/HRA Silver 2500 $10/$45/$65/50% to $100/50% to $150 HSA, HRA or HDHP Integrated SUM5287
BlueChoice Plus HSA/HRA Silver 3000 $10/$45/$65/50% to $100/50% to $150 HSA, HRA or HDHP Integrated SUM5288
BlueChoice Plus HSA/HRA Bronze 6100 $10/$45/$65/50% to $100/50% to $150 HSA, HRA or HDHP Integrated SUM5289