Dental Insurance Glossary

Benefit Reduction Amount
The amount subtracted from allowed benefits under certain cost-savings programs administered by CareFirst.
The mild character of an illness or the non-malignant character of a neoplasm.
A premolar tooth; a tooth with two cusps.
Occurring on, or pertaining to, right and left sides.
Process of removing tissue for histologic evaluation.
Bitewing Radiograph
Interproximal view radiograph of the coronal portion of the tooth.
Process by which two or more components are made integral by mechanical and/or chemical adhesion at their interface.
See Fixed Partial Denture and/or Removable Partial Denture.
The parafunctional grinding of the teeth.
Pertaining to or around the cheek (as in the buccal surface of a posterior tooth).
By Report
A narrative description used to report a service that does not have a procedure code or is specified in a code as "by report;" may be requested by a third-party payer to provide additional information for claims processing.