Dental Insurance Glossary

General Anesthesia
A controlled state of unconsciousness, accompanied by a partial or complete loss of protective reflexes, including loss of ability to independently maintain airway and respond purposefully to physical stimulation or verbal command, produced by a pharmacologic or non-pharmacologic method or combination thereof.
Soft tissues overlying the crowns of unerupted teeth and encircling the necks of those that have erupted.
The excision or removal of gingiva.
Inflammation of gingival tissue without loss of connective tissue.
Surgical procedure to reshape gingiva.
Glass Ionomer
Glass polyalkenoate cement: material in which the solid powdered phase is a fluoride-containing aluminosilicate glass powder. The material is translucent and can be used as a restoration, a liner, and a luting agent.
A piece of tissue or alloplastic material placed in contact with tissue to repair a defect or supplement a deficiency.