Dental Insurance Glossary

Pertaining to or around the lip.
An injury or wound; area of diseased tissue.
Limited Oral Evaluation
Problem focused – An evaluation limited to a specific oral health problem. This may require interpretation of information acquired through additional diagnostic procedures. Definitive procedures may be required on the same date as the evaluation. Typically, patients receiving this type of evaluation have been referred for a specific problem and/or present with dental emergencies, trauma, acute infection, etc.
Line Angle
An angle formed by the junction of two planes; used to designate the junction of two surfaces of a tooth, or of two walls of a tooth cavity preparation.
Line Number
The line number of the claim. Each line represents an individual procedure performed.
Pertaining to or around the tongue; surface of the tooth directed toward the tongue; opposite of facial.
Local Anesthesia
The loss of pain sensation over a specific area of the anatomy without loss of consciousness.
A site or location.